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DALETT is a consultancy, coaching and training firm created in 1989.
Our mission: customized and operational consultancy and training services.
DALETT provides advice, coachs and trains over 1.000 people per year.

The five key factors of our approach

  1. « Savoir-être » : conviviality and sharing
  2. Responsibility : participants actors of their training
  3. Flexibility in seminars to stick to necessities and expectations of trainees
  4. Recreation : amazing by the practice of theatre techniques, games,
  5. Proximity : consideration of internal cultures

Our know-how is to look for and to exploit differences or new sources of potential earnings in terms of improvement of the individual and / or collective efficiency.

Our know-how : experienced and qualified trainers

We have the resources

  • qualified and experienced trainers in the management, relational and marketing fields.

We learn permanently

  • It is not enough to « know », it is always necessary to update our knowledge.
  • Every trainer dedicates 15% of their time to learn, being trained, teaching in university, and doing research).

We are Quality certified.

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